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Lucy Letby charged with ‘multiple attempts to kill the same babies’

Lucy Letby charged with 'multiple attempts to kill the same babies'

Pediatric nurse Lucy Letby, 32, pleads not guilty to killing seven babies and trying to kill 10 more premature babies – as court hears she tried to kill a girl three times and three separate occasions

  • Lucy Letby, 32, reportedly killed five boys and two girls at Chester hospital
  • Nurse also charged with attempted murder of ten other children between 2015 and 2016
  • A boy had three attempts on his life – including two in one day, it is alleged
  • Letby denies all 22 charges. Her trial in Manchester lasts up to six months

A pediatric nurse today denied the murder of seven babies and attempted to kill ten more premature babies in 12 months while working in a neonatology unit of the NHS.Lucy Letby, 32, reportedly attempted to kill a baby girl and a baby boy three times – including two attempts in one day – while working at Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire.The nurse is charged with the murder of five boys and two girls and the attempted murder of five boys and five girls, between June 8, 2015 and June 25, 2016.Letby, from Hereford, is said to have committed murders for a year while working in the neonatal unit.This morning she was taken to the port of Manchester Crown Court, dressed in a dark blue suit with a black blouse. She is facing 22 charges involving 17 babies, many of whom she has allegedly attempted to kill multiple times. She pleaded not guilty to each charge.Three members of security personnel surrounded her and rose to enter her pleas as her parents John and Susan watched. Her trial will take up to six months.

Pediatric nurse Lucy Letby (pictured) appeared in court today charged with multiple baby murders

Pediatric nurse Lucy Letby (pictured) is on trial today on charges of seven baby murders

John and Susan Letby, parents of Lucy Letby, are in Manchester Crown Court for their daughter's murder trial (pictured last week)

John and Susan Letby, parents of Lucy Letby, are in Manchester Crown Court for their daughter’s murder trial (pictured last week)

Letby, 32, quietly repeated the words ‘Not guilty’ as each of the charges was read to her by a Manchester Crown Court clerk.She stood motionless in the glass-paneled dock of Court 7, her once blond hair, now dark, reaching past her shoulders.Members of a jury panel from which the final judges will be selected were present when she made her pleas.According to the charges, she tried to kill a girl three times and twice more. And she tried to claim the life of a little boy on three separate occasions – two on the same day.In addition to the seven murder charges, Letby faces another 15 charges of attempted murder involving 10 premature babies being cared for in the hospital’s neonatal ward.All the alleged murders and attempted murders took place over a 12-month period between June 2015 and June 2016.Letby’s parents, John, 76, and Susan, 62, watched as the proceedings were forwarded to courtrooms attended by families of the children involved and members of the press and broadcast media.A court order prohibits the media from reporting the identities of the surviving children or the deceased children.A court order prohibits disclosure of the identities of surviving and deceased children allegedly attacked by Letby, and prohibits identifying the parents or witnesses associated with the children.The children are called baby or child A to Q.


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