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Melissa Gorga: Teresa Giudice ‘draws a line’ when choosing bridesmaids

Follow her example. The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Melissa Gorgas said Teresa Giudicea was the one who fanned the flames of their feud, which led to her sister-in-law and brother Joe Gorga skipping her August wedding.

“From day one with all the wedding drama, I was told on national TV that I wouldn’t be a part of it,” Melissa, 43, told Exclusive Us Weekly at BravoCon 2022 on Saturday, October 15. “I was told we are not close. I was told all these things. So if you draw the line in the sand, well, I have to get behind the line. And then don’t be mad if we’re behind the line because you signed it.”

Teresa, 50, continued Watch live what’s happening with Andy Cohen in March that her brother’s wife wouldn’t be a bridesmaid if she got married Luis “Louie” Ruelas. “Don’t make a big deal. I mean, come on,’ she said then.

The singer brushed off the issue shortly after the interview made headlines on an episode of her “Melissa Gorga on Display” podcast. “I found out on TV that I won’t be at Teresa’s wedding and that I’m not a bridesmaid, which I’m fine with. I’m fine [it]’ she then claimed. “I understand. To each his own.”

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The bridesmaid debacle alone didn’t bring the feud to a boil. Melissa believes that a number of things caused the implosion of their relationship.

“It wasn’t just any event,” Melissa explained exclusively to U.S at the New York City fan event. “I feel like everyone wants to think that something big happened that made us say we’re not going to this wedding.”

Tensions mounted when the podcaster and Joe, 43, failed to attend Luis and Teresa’s New Jersey wedding, which was being filmed for a Bravo special in August.

“I think it was a series of events,” Melissa continued. “I think it’s been a long time coming. I think I knew certain things that I couldn’t say out loud. And then, at the final, they came out and just — energy soared.”

The RHONJ season 13 finale was filmed right before the wedding. Melissa teased that viewers will see the events that led the couple to withdraw their RSVP shortly the day before the ceremony.

“It would feel very foolish to go off that and then be in a pew in 12 hours because it just wouldn’t make sense to even be there. Yes. So that’s what you’ll see,” Melissa told U.S.

As for their future, the “On Display” singer said that while it’s “sad” that they aren’t in a relationship, she doesn’t feel like making it up to the cookbook author.

“I’m just getting off the roller coaster,” she continued. “I know in my heart that I tried. The roller coaster goes up, it goes down, it goes in, it goes out. And I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to be on a roller coaster in any relationship, be it my family, Joe’s family… We don’t want any negative energy around us, no matter who it is. So I think we’ve come to a point where we need to take a break.”

Melissa added: “We have a lot of things to be happy and blessed with, and it’s just time for us to focus on ourselves.”

Teresa also spoke with U.S exclusively at BravoCon on Saturday, and she said Melissa and Joe’s decision not to attend the wedding was “devastating” to her.

‘That’s my only family. So what do you think? Yes, it was devastating,” said the Real Housewives of New Jersey said star. “I mean, the day before… [our wedding], I was in tears because I just found out. It was heartbreaking [because] it’s my only family, and Luis hurt for me. My children were in pain. But then [on] that day, that day was our day.”

After Teresa and Louie tied the knot, U.S confirmed that the pair were upset over rumors that Melissa had cheated on Joe. They believe that Teresa has spread the allegations of infidelity. The Gorgas have since denied speculation about the affair.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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