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New app that turns smartphones into dash cams will soon be able to detect SPEEDING

A speed camera in EVERY car: New app turns cellphones into dash cams that can report 21 traffic violations to police at the touch of a button – soon to be upgraded to detect how fast other vehicles are going

  • A new app dashcamUK converts smartphones into dashcams, launching in May
  • The free app detects 21 traffic violations and could soon even record speeding violations



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A new free app that turns smartphones into dash cams could soon be advanced enough to clock other motorists for speeding tickets.

The free dashcamUK app allows motorists to submit evidence of 21 different traffic offenses to the police.

It can record violations including running a red light, failure to report and using a mobile phone while driving.

The app, which will launch in May, may still be developed with the ability to track speeding tickets, The Times reports.

Only about a quarter of the country’s 33 million drivers own a dash cam, while almost everyone owns a cell phone.

The dashcamUK app that turns smartphones into dashcams could soon be advanced enough to clock other motorists for speeding

James Gibson, executive director of Road Safety GB, said: ‘If drivers think they are being watched by others, we hope they are driving the right way.’

Creator Oleksiy Afonin, 46, said footage can be sent to the official police video portal in less than a minute and is much easier than using a traditional dashcam.

Ukrainian-born Afonin held a series of initial meetings with the National Council of Police Chiefs while developing the app.

As a result, it includes a number of recommended features to ensure that the video evidence can withstand court scrutiny.

Those who use the app while driving are at no risk of using a mobile phone behind the wheel, as they only need to touch the home screen to record an infraction.

The app records the user’s experience on the go, but unless the user taps the screen, the footage is automatically deleted after 30 seconds to preserve the phone’s storage.

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