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opinion | The MAGA GOP was never about ‘life’. Only power.

The cat has been out of the bag for a while regarding the Republicans’ insincere support for “life.” If “life” were the issue when it comes to abortion, the party would not endanger reproductive health and lives with forced birth laws. Incidentally, a pro-life politician would not oppose effective gun safety laws; would not oppose masked edicts or discourage coronavirus vaccinations; and would not push to scrap Medicaid and stumble upon the Affordable Care Act. However, it’s never been more apparent how utterly unprincipled the party is when it comes to an issue it’s been using to chase its base for decades.

Georgian Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who supports forced birth even in cases of rape, incest and endangering the mother’s life, is credibly charged (with documentary evidence) of inciting a woman he impregnated to have an abortion and then pay for it, as the Daily Beast first reported. Although Walker has denied the charge, Republicans have said they don’t care. Dana Loescha former spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association made that crystal clear:

She’s right, of course. All the GOP cares about is power. It certainly doesn’t care about the character or quality of its candidates, about the actual election results, about the oath of officials or any other policy issue. This was the party that had no platform in 2020, only unwavering loyalty to its leader.

Another leader in the Olympics is election denier and radical MAGA candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake. During a recent radio address, she channeled former President Bill Clinton’s stance on abortion: “You know, it would be really great if abortion were rare and legal — like they said it before, remember? “Rare but safe, rare but safe,” I think, they said.” She added: “It would be really great if it turned out like this.” Oops. That’s not how it should be. Sure enough, her spokesperson backed down on the comment with the gymnastic claim that a complete ban or a 15-week break would make abortion legal and rare.

Former Maine governor Paul LePage (R), who is running to reclaim his old job, seemed even more confused about what his abortion position should be. During a chaotic debate show on Tuesday, the New York Times reported, LePage repeatedly stumbled upon a question about how he would handle the issue if voters returned him to office. He didn’t understand the question, he said. Or it was hypothetical. Or whatever. It’s easy to get lost if the issue is just another weapon to use in search of political office.

Such expressions cannot even be called hypocrisy; hypocrisy assumes that one has beliefs. These candidates seem to believe in nothing but their own progress — though they are quick to declare that everything Democrats believe in poses an existential threat to America. We just hear them say out loud what we’ve long suspected they think in private: that voters are suckers, so they’ll tell them what they think the Rubes want to hear.

Whether it’s Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) declaring January 6 was not an armed uprising, or the dozens of candidates mimicking the “big lie,” or the forced-born mob dropping the state’s rights theory to a national ban, we see a party willing to do and say anything to retain power, regardless of the damage to our democracy or national security.

A candidate like JD Vance, the GOP nominee for the US Senate in Ohio, can convict defeated former President Donald Trump, then turn to swear undying loyalty — and count on being rewarded with the nomination for lowering himself .

Republican leaders and enablers (including experts who make ex post facto excuses for policy changes and idiocy) have repeatedly shown that the party doesn’t believe what its candidates say and doesn’t care what lies they tell supporters. We must stop attributing sincerity or good faith to the MAGA GOP. Time and again the members show that their “beliefs” are all a smokescreen for gaining and holding on to power.

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