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Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel responds to Noms, betting on awards show: “They’re encouraging someone with a gambling problem to slap me”

The 2023 Oscar nominations were a hot topic on Tuesday night’s late night talk shows, with Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and Daily show Guest presenter Wanda Sykes is all about this year’s big nominees and snubs.

Kimmel, who also hosts the Oscars on March 12, highlighted some of the bets made ahead of the ceremony, including on who might win certain categories and, perhaps in light of last year’s infamous blowout, whether will or will not be a presenter or presenter. hit during the show.

Kimmel noted that you could bet $100 on yes and win $1,200, saying it “seems like they’re encouraging someone with a gambling problem to slap me.”

As one of last year’s Oscar presenters, Sykes also shared her expert perspective and referenced the blow during her monologue as a guest host of The daily show.

Sykes quipped, “If you’re wondering how they picked the nominees this year, they basically just said, ‘Hmm, let’s see, who isn’t going to punch anyone?'”

Kimmel also picked up one of the most memorable moments from the nominations announcement: when Riz Ahmed read out the name of the Best Animated Short Film nominee My year of cocks and the crowd laughed.

Kimmel said he had never heard of the film and joked, “I went to look up ‘My Year of Dicks’ and now my computer won’t turn on.”

Both Kimmel and Sykes also highlighted the nominee Triangle of sadness, with Kimmel joking that he “always thought it was a piece of Papa John’s pizza,” and Sykes quipping that the movie is “what Mike Pence calls a vagina.”

But in all seriousness, Sykes said she was happy to see Triangle of sadness nominated because she is a fan of one of the movie stars, Woody Harrelson.

Sykes also highlighted the good news of the nominations: Michelle Yeoh is the first Best Actress nominee to identify as Asian. And the bad news, Sykes said, was that there were no women nominated for best director.

“They gave it to Jane Campion last year,” Sykes said. “So I think this year they thought, ‘Um, that should hold you for the next 50 years.'”

Kimmel, Fallon, and Corden also highlighted some of the notable snubs.

Fallon noted that Taylor Swift was not nominated for best original song and quipped, “On the plus side, the album Taylor writes about being snubbed at the Oscars will probably win all the Grammys.”

And after James Cameron failed to get a Best Director nomination Avatar: The way of the waterKimmel joked that this was the reward for the long running time of the 3D movie: “That’s what you get for letting us put on those stupid glasses for four hours.”

Tom Cruise, Kimmel noted, was not nominated for Best Actor for his performance in Top gun: Maverick.

“I know, he saved the entire navy from destruction and nothing for him,” the ABC host joked. “They said, ‘Tom was so upset today he didn’t jump out the window.'”

Corden, meanwhile, emphasized that Cruise was nominated for best picture as a producer at the Top gun continuation.

“I want so badly for him to win it and he should accept it by jumping on stage from 30,000 feet,” Corden said of Cruise. ‘I know there’s a roof. He will find a way.”


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