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PM Update: Mild tonight ahead of a warm and windy Thursday


Temperatures performed a little better today as highs hit the mid-60s in most places. It’s been a winter so warm we’d forget that the average maximum temperature today is only 47 degrees, and that an average maximum temperature in the mid-60s doesn’t arrive until early April. It’s not even impossible that DC is approaching a record high of 70 degrees on Thursday. Extra clouds and a few raindrops can try to prevent that.

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See you tonight: The mostly clear skies continue into the evening. We will see the sky become cloudy in the night. Lows range from about 39 to 44. Winds should be blowing light from the south and southeast.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): While we have a lot of cloud cover, and the risk of some short showers, the region is deep enough in this warm air mass that temperatures should climb towards the mid-60s and perhaps around 70 degrees. Winds are from the south around 10 mph early and 20-30 mph in the afternoon or evening. Some wind gusts can approach or exceed 40 mph.

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Here comes spring: It’s absurdly early, but the signs of spring are on the rise. This winter may have barely been a winter. The recent warmth is triggering early spring growth in parts of the region. In response, tree pollen counts were moderate as of this morning, at 14.38 grains per cubic meter of air. That’s as early in the year as any of us can remember such an event.

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