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PM Update: Thursday warm and windy with some showers


While temperatures in the DC area were safely below record highs of 77 degrees on Wednesday, they hit at least the upper 60s in most places, continuing our peculiar streak of wintry warmth. Temperatures will be well above normal again on Thursday, but not once will a front pass early on Friday. It can get a bit restless for a while, but the next day it remains mostly calm.

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Until tonight: We will continue to see many clouds drifting through the night. Temperatures drop to around 50, give or take a few, for lows. The average high is 48 this time of year. The wind is weak from the south.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): There may be some morning showers, which can linger a little north of the city. After that it will probably be quiet for a while until the cold front passes at night, but it will remain quite cloudy. The maxima are again around 70. The wind is coming from the south at around 24 km/h, with gusts around 30 km/h and will probably increase during the night.

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Pollen Update: Tree pollen is back at HIGH, at 219 grains per cubic foot of air. The main contributors are pine, elm, maple and a few other early bloomers.

roasted: Numerous record warm minima are expected in the Mid-Atlantic and northeast tonight. This comes after several dozen record highs in the Ohio Valley and the Northeast on Wednesday. These warm temperatures are moving east as we wrap up the work week, but there are likely additional records east and southeast to Florida through Friday.

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