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Post Politics Now: Biden heading to Wisconsin after a spirited State of the Union speech

He plowed through applause lines to keep up with his pace. He sparred with Republicans in the House Chamber over Social Security and Medicare tampering, drawing some harassment and laughter from some — and a shout of “liar” from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) – as he drew contrasts between his agenda and what he said was theirs. Rarely has such give and take been so prominently featured in a State of the Union speech.

The president presented himself as a populist with ideas to help workers and restore America’s productive power. He went after big pharmaceutical companies and big energy companies. On more than one occasion he threatened to veto any Republican initiatives and stated that he would not allow the economy to be held hostage by raising the debt ceiling.

“Let’s finish the job,” he said in a refrain repeated over and over as he worked through the accomplishments of his first two years in office and made new proposals. If not the start of a re-election campaign, it was as close as a State of the Union could get to kicking off.

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