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Prakash Raj calls ‘The Kashmir Files’ a rubbish movie and Vivek Agnihotri ‘shameless’ as he bashes the director: ‘You can’t fool people all the time’

Prakash Raj calls ‘The Kashmir Files’ a rubbish movie and Vivek Agnihotri ‘Shameless’ (Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikipedia; The Kashmir Files Poster)

Bollywood and Southern sensation Prakash Raj is known for speaking his mind and calling a spade a spade. Recently, he was in the news for calling out the ‘boycott’ gang who called for a boycott of Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film Pathaan. He was seen calling out the bigots while comparing them to dogs that just bark and don’t bite. Now at the same event, the Wanted actor was also seen bashing The Kashmir Files and its director Vivek Agnihotri for this very reason.

After the film’s release, Raj made headlines for studying the film, which earned him criticism in return. Here’s what he said at the recent event.

Prakash Raj recently attended the Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters in Kerala where he spoke in support of Pathaan while denouncing the boycott gang. At the same event, he also called The Kashmir Files a rubbish film and an international jury spat on it. He further revealed that the makers have invested around Rs. 2000 crores.

Prakash Raj said at the event, “The Kashmir Files is one of the rubbish movies but we know who produced it. Shameless. International jury spit on them. The director asks why I don’t get Oscar. He doesn’t even get a Bhaskar . I am telling you because there is sensitive media. Here you can make a propaganda film. According to my sources, they have invested about Rs. 2000 crore just to make films like this. But you cannot fool people all the time.”

In March, after the release of The Kashmir Files, Prakash Raj had started Twitter to post a sarcastic Tweet about the movie. He had shared photos from various events in a collage and wrote, “Dear Supreme Actor Turned Producer…Would you like to twist these files too? And release them? #I’m just asking.” However, the actor was teased and criticized for his Tweet.

One of them had said, ‘Shame on you Mr. Prakash Raj, I always admired you as an actor, but I supported Kashmiri pandit, you got into politics here.

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