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Prince Harry tells Good Morning America that the Queen was “sad” about Megxit

Prince Harry revealed today that the Queen was “sad” about Megxit, but hinted she was unable to take action to stop it because of his brother and father and the institution she led for 70 years.

The Duke of Sussex spoke to Good Morning America in the latest leg of his transatlantic TV blitz promoting his new memoir ‘Spare’, due out tomorrow.

GMA anchor Michael Strahan asked him if Her Majesty, who died in September at the age of 96, was “mad at you” for walking away from royal duties with his American wife Meghan Markle in early 2020.

Harry responded that she was ‘sad’ about what had happened, adding: ‘I’ve had loads of conversations with her over the years, both in the UK and leading up to the point of this change, so it was never a surprise to anyone, albeit the least’.

But hinting that she was sidelined, he said, “She knew what was going on. She knew how hard it was. I don’t know if she was able to change it.’

The Duke of Sussex spoke to Good Morning America in the latest leg of his transatlantic TV blitz promoting his new memoir ‘Spare’, due out tomorrow. He talked to Michael Strahan

His memoirs and the cover this morning in New York's Times Square

His memoirs and the cover this morning in New York's Times Square

His memoirs and the cover this morning in New York’s Times Square

The Duke of Sussex claimed in his Netflix docuseries that the late monarch quietly watched as he was left terrified by Prince William screaming during exit interviews she had conducted following Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step down from their royal duties.


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He said, “It was terrifying to have my brother yell and yell at me, and have my dad say things that just weren’t true, and my grandma, you know, sit there quietly and take it all in.” ‘

But royal experts then said any suggestion that the “Queen was sidelined” at the now infamous “Sandringham Summit” is “complete nonsense”.

Mr Strahan, a former NFL star who earns $17 million a year hosting the American breakfast show on ABC, is the latest broadcaster to sit down with the exiled prince, appearing on ITV in the UK and on 60 Minutes last night. appeared in the US hours later in a series of pre-recorded interviews.

Mr. Strahan then said, “There will be people who will say, join in or leave, because if you leave there is no hypocrisy?”

Harry then said he can ‘never get out of the royal family’.

He said there was no compromise on his half-in-half-out hybrid plan to move to Canada, but also to serve the Queen during the 2020 Megxit crisis.

Interviewer Michael Strahan asked, “There was no compromise with the family?”

Harry replied, “No – which was very sad because I still believe to this day that this was very possible.”

Strahan asked, “There will be people who say, ‘Why don’t they get in or don’t they get out, because when you get out, there’s no hypocrisy.’

Harry said, ‘I can never get out and I’m incredibly aware of my position.

“I am incredibly grateful for the life I have had and am still living.

“But there’s no version of me ever being able to get out of this. I was stunned that my family would allow security to be taken away, especially at the most vulnerable point for us.”

When asked about critics who say he betrayed his family, Harry says the only way he could protect his family was to correct untruths by writing the truth in one place.

“I fully accept that writing a book feeds the beast anyway,” he adds.

Harry told CBS last night that his stepmother Camilla is “the bad guy” and “dangerous” — because she ignored a plea from his father not to attack his wife.

But contradicting that, the Duke of Sussex told GMA that he doesn’t consider the Queen Consort an “evil stepmother.”

He said, “I feel immensely sorry for her, you know, as the third person in my parents’ marriage.

“She had a reputation, or an image, to rehabilitate.

“Whatever conversations took place, whatever deals or transactions were made in the beginning, she got the impression that that was the best way to do it.”

When asked about his relationship with Camilla, Harry said, “We haven’t spoken in a long time. I love every member of my family despite the differences, so when I see her we are very nice with each other.

“She’s my stepmother. I don’t see her as an evil stepmother. I see someone who has married in this institution and has done everything to improve her own reputation and image for her own good.’

Speaking of his fractured relationship with William, he said there has always been competition between him and his brother, the Prince of Wales, and he referred to the role of the British press in that.

Speaking on Good Morning America, Harry said: ‘They’re pitching the Welsh, who are Kate and William now, against the Sussexes, me and my wife.

They always pit us against each other. They pit Kate and Meghan against each other.”

When asked if he thought this made the two women “go against each other,” he said “undoubtedly” yes.

But he admitted that too he must take responsibility for his role in breaking off relations with his brother, the Prince of Wales.

Asked on Good Morning America if he thinks he has any responsibility in breaking up the relationship, Harry replied, “Without a doubt. Certainly.

“But what people don’t know is the effort I’ve made to sort this out privately, with both my brother and my father.”

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