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Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Zelensky addresses G-7 as strikes renew air defense call

Russia launched 84 missiles and 24 drones into Ukraine on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his overnight address.

Of those, 43 missiles and 13 drones were shot down, he said, adding that residents across the country should pay attention to air raid sirens because “the danger is still there.” As a result of the strikes, Ukraine has faced massive power outages and power crews are working to restore power in all regions, Zelensky said, urging people to use electricity only when needed.

He delivered his speech Monday evening from Kiev, standing in front of the rubble, with cranes and crew members working behind him, noting the various buildings damaged by the strikes. And at one point, Zelensky’s camera moved to clips of a ruined children’s playground nearby.

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