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Sacred Games’ Hitanshu Jinsi reveals how he stays happy even though he has mood swings and a Salman Khan-Shah Rukh Khan connection

Hitanshu Jinsi: Losing my father at age 13 has made me more compassionate (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Actor Hitanshu Jinsi, best known for his role in ‘Sacred Games,’ lost his father at the age of 13. He said the hardships he saw in his childhood made him more caring and understanding.

The actor, who played Lord Krishan in ‘Yashomati Maiyya Ke Nandlala’ has been roped in as one of the lead roles for Sandiip Sikchand’s upcoming show.

“Whatever happened to me in recent years has definitely given me more experience in life. I think I’ve had so many hardships since childhood that I’ve become empathetic to the grief of others. I’ve become more compassionate over time,” Hitanshu Jinsi shared.

Hitandsu Jinsi tries to find joy in the little things in life. “Happiness for me is seeing a happy world around me. Happiness is the cure for many diseases such as depression. My mother was depressed for a long time. She still hasn’t quite figured it out. So I make sure she’s happy. I also have mood swings because although I am human, I make sure not to bother anyone around me. I only stay if I am not happy or confused,” Hitanshu added.

Hitanshu Jinsi calls himself both extroverted and introverted, revealing that his personality depends on the company he is in. “When I meet someone I find it a bit difficult to strike up a conversation. And I don’t open easily to everyone. But if I’m vibrating with someone then I can open up earlier than usual,” he said.

What makes him happy or changes his mood?

“Listening to 90s Bollywood songs, mostly those of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. I feel so happy that I start to sing and lip sync the song and imagine myself performing in front of the mirror. The second thing I do to make myself happy is being around dogs. I just play with them, feed them and talk to them and try to listen to what they say and respond,” said Hitanshu Jinsi.

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