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Security investigation after protesters disrupt air traffic in Berlin


BERLIN — Authorities in Germany are reviewing security measures at Berlin’s airport on Friday, a day after six climate activists invaded the site and briefly disrupted flights.

Germany’s dpa news agency quoted a Berlin Brandenburg Airport spokesman as saying that Thursday’s incident is being looked at to determine what further action may be required.

Police said four protesters glued themselves to the ground near the runway, while two others cycled across the site. The group Uprising of the Last Generation, which has staged numerous roadblocks and other stunts to emphasize the need for action on climate change, has claimed responsibility.

The group said it wanted to draw attention to the problem of fossil fuel subsidies, such as jet fuel, allowing a minority of the world’s population to fly while the majority suffer the effects of climate change fueled by greenhouse gas emissions.

It said the activists informed police of their plans before entering the airport grounds.

The protest was widely criticized by German lawmakers across political lines, although Martin Schirdewan, co-leader of the left party, said the activists had “put their finger on the wound of political inaction in the face of climate catastrophe”.

According to the police, five men and a woman between the ages of 20 and 32 have been arrested. Five people were released, the sixth is still in custody. All six are being investigated on suspicion of endangering air traffic, property damage and trespassing.

Airport authorities said 15 planes had to be diverted to nearby airports, while five departures were delayed. About 750 passengers were affected by the outage, it said.

Earlier this month, hundreds of climate protesters blocked private jets from leaving Schiphol airport.

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