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Six TikTok stars share their favorite books of 2022

“Juniper & Thorn” reinterprets the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Juniper Tree”, one of their darkest and most violent fables. Reid draws on Hungarian and Jewish folklore to tell the story of a third daughter trapped in a frugal life by her cursed, tyrannical father, a xenophobic sorcerer. After sneaking off with her sisters to see the ballet, she stumbles upon a young man whose deepest desires mirror her own, setting in motion a painful journey toward emancipation. I knew I was reading something special when I found myself scribbling in the margins at 3am and couldn’t put the book down. I’ve read over 150 novels in 2022 and nothing comes close to the rich and often brutal imagery of “Juniper & Thorn.” In an era where far too many fantasy novels suffer from unnecessary puffiness, this book is the antidote; Reid doesn’t waste a single sentence.

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