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‘SNL’ Cold Open Tackles Closure of January 6 Committee Hearings

Saturday Night LiveThe cold opening on October 15 didn’t waste much time before addressing the committee hearings on January 6, which featured cast members Bennie Thompson, Liz Cheney, Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin, Adam Kinzinger and more.

The opening sketch featured snippets of conversation between Donald Trump and several people (and a dog), and special appearances by Chloe Fineman’s Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Sherman’s Chuck Schumer.

“As you can see, we are committed to rolling out this ninth and final hearing, which January 6 was one of the most dramatic and profound moments in our country’s history,” Kenan Thompson chairman Bennie Thompson.

He continued: ‘We have been investigating this horrific attack for over a year, but today’s session will be a little different. We’re going to summarize our findings, have a historic vote, and then, and only then, will we have a little treat.”

Heidi Gardner’s Cheney went on to say that while Trump is responsible for the uprising, she will be the one to bear the consequences.

“You might be wondering why I’m so tough,” she said. And I ask you, ‘Was your father? Is it Dick Cheney?’ You may be wondering, “How do you have the guts to do your whole party on your own?” And I’d say, ‘When you were little, who tucked you in at night? Was it Dick Cheney?'” She finished her bit, joking that she has “great Dick Cheney energy”.

Megan Thee Stallion did double duty as a presenter and musical guest on October 15.

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