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So much shade! Lala Kent Compares New BF And Randall Emmett’s Sex Skills

New start! As Lala Kent continues to navigate the dating scene nearly a year after her divorce from ex-fiancé Randall Emmettthere are certain things she doesn’t miss.

“I’m having the best sex of my life, which I mean, compared to my old relationship that wasn’t hard to do,” the 32-year-old Give Them founder told Lala Beauty exclusively. Us Weekly at BravoCon 2022 on Saturday, October 15. “Oh, this shadow! I can not stop. I have not yet mastered the art of being still.”

The Vanderpump rules Star’s romance revelations come weeks after she admitted she’s dating a mystery man’s “unicorn”. “Do you know what’s happening? I get under someone and I’m like, ‘I’m in love.’ So I’m having a lot of fun and I’m in love with them all,” Lala said on Saturday.

While the reality TV star enjoys her newfound romance, she doesn’t want to show any milestones in the next season of Vanderpump rules.

You won’t see me dating, but you will see the guy I hooked up. [He was] the first guy I slept with since my last relationship,” Lala teased U.S at the Javits Center in New York City. “Which was very strange. I was like, ‘There are cameras here.’ And I’m like, ‘This is a guy I’m going to hook up with. This is weird.’”

The Utah native and the 51-year-old Midnight at the Switchgrass producer – who shares 18-month-old daughter Ocean – called off their engagement last year after Randall’s alleged infidelity.

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett. Shutterstock (2)

“I think it’s weird because for the first time I have no idea what my future holds,” Lala previously admitted on a November 2021 episode of her “Give Them Lala” podcast. “I don’t know what every day is going to look like and for a long time I have a schedule where everything is planned. My future lay before me and I thought, ‘This is the plan.’ And I let the universe take control of my life and put me where I need to be. I’m not questioning anything.”

While the Florida native hasn’t addressed the rumors of cheating, he’s been focused on trying to bring Ocean together. ‘She’s the mother of my child. No matter what happens in life, I will never belittle her or speak badly of her for being Ocean’s mother,” he said in March on the “Genuinely GG” podcast. “In the end I don’t feel very comfortable with this whole thing, but the truth is I always have to look at the big picture.”

As the beauty entrepreneur navigates raising her “awesome” little girl with her ex-fiancé and the dating scene, she has also remained a force in the upcoming 10th season of the Bravo hit.

“There is so much [that happens]! I feel like it’s hard to even remember because so much has happened and I feel like, [in] season 8 and 9, we had growing pains,” Lala told U.S of the new Vanderpump rules episodes. “I really hope we get all our old viewers back because this season is going to be absolutely insane and unbelievable. And, you know, I’m obsessed with Bravo, so I can appreciate it as a viewer. And I’m like, ‘We have the damn thing done.’”

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