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SPA DOCTOR: I feel like I’m floating, in a blissful bath… of sound

SPA DOCTOR: I feel like I’m floating, in a blissful bath… of sound

Can taking a ‘sound bath’ really help reduce stress and anxiety? I was skeptical when it was suggested to try one.

For the uninitiated, a sound bath isn’t going to sit in the tub for long while you listen to your favorite Spotify playlist. The ancient Eastern practice involves lying down while a therapist “bathes” you in sound waves produced by instruments such as gongs or Tibetan singing bowls (brass vessels that produce different tones when struck by a beater).

Hollywood actress and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kim Kardashian’s model sister Kendall Jenner are fans. And while I wasn’t sure that anything they advocated might be too much, I was intrigued.

I put the legendary relaxing benefits of a sound bath to the test on a hiking vacation in the Nevada desert. At the end of a week in which many dawns began to move to Red Rock Canyon to avoid the insane heat of the day, I quickly headed to the Resorts World Las Vegas Awana Spa to try the Eastern Vibrations treatment (75 minutes, £ 220).

REST: The Awana Spa at Resorts World Las Vegas


I’ve been promised that the experience will help me “reach a remarkably restorative and euphoric state through the beautifully peaceful sounds and vibrations of Himalayan Singing Bowls.”

Did it? Well it was really beautiful.

Lying on a heated massage bed in my bathrobe, I already feel quite relaxed. The therapist starts with a quick head and shoulder massage and then the ‘bath’ begins. She circles the bed and bangs the bowls, which make long, mesmerizing jingling sounds of different pitches. Occasionally a small bowl, while still vibrating, is placed on my chest and the vibrations make me feel strangely shivering. Sometimes, when the sounds harmonize, I feel like I’m almost floating on water.

After what seems like a few moments—but was actually nearly an hour—the treatment is over and I stagger off to use the spa’s heated pools.

The facility itself is beautiful – each beautifully tiled room is curved and there are no angles or straight lines.

After a few hours of wallowing, saunaing and steaming, I emerge feeling completely unconcerned about anything.

Hollywood actress and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow (pictured), and Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian's model sister, are fans of

Hollywood actress and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow (pictured), and Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s model sister, are fans of “sound baths”


Like all mega hotels in Vegas, Resorts World is eager to show that there’s more to Sin City than casinos and pay a ton to see Adele sing some songs.

Most now offer a wide variety of wellness activities – and some pretty amazing food too. We are treated to dinner at Crossroads, a Mediterranean-style restaurant serving plant-based foods only. For anyone who thinks they’re fed rabbit food and ends up feeling hungry, fear not – the dishes include vegan ‘foie gras’, decadent ricotta-filled corgette flowers and succulent stews. If that doesn’t appeal to you, there are countless other options in the extremely trendy street food market.

Resorts World Las Vegas is divided into three hotels, the Hilton, the Conrad and the more exclusive Crockfords (rwlasvegas.com).

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