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Succession’s Brian Cox chooses which other character to play besides Logan

He ate his f–king chicken anyway. Brian Cox has won accolades for his portrayal of expletive-throwing patriarch Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession since 2018 – but if the show debuted years ago, a different character would have piqued his interest.

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“I think if I was younger I think Tom would be an interesting character to play,” the 76-year-old Scottish native told Exclusively Us weekly while promoting his Michelob Ultra 2023 Super Bowl commercial. “Because he’s so complicated and so driven, because of his relationship with my horrible daughter and how she treats him. And his innocence because he’s from Wisconsin, so he’s kind of — he’s a country boy at heart. And it’s a very good role.”

Graeme Hunter/HBO

He added: “And of course brilliantly played through Matthew MacFadyen. Absolutely brilliant. So of all the roles, that would be the most interesting if I was, you know, 40 years younger.

Logan and Macfadyen’s Tom Wambsgans are seemingly new allies following Season 3’s masterful finale, which aired in December 2021.Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Pike) and Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) have a run-in with Father Logan as they try to overthrow him and his decision to sell their family’s media company Waystar Royco to tech giant Gojo.

Succession's Brian Cox chooses what other character he would play besides Logan Roy-
Graeme Hunter/HBO

Spoiler alert: they were late.

But that wasn’t even the biggest betrayal. In a Shakespearean killer shot, which went viral as the credits rolled, Logan gently pats Tom’s shoulder when he appears, confirming that Tom gave Logan a warning when Shiv told him she was planning to ambush her father. Tom, often ignored by his wife, comforts her as she sits stunned at his infidelity.

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After the cheating, the public quickly visited a particular variant of a Season 3 promo poster, which showed Logan, Tom, and Cousin Greg (Nicholas Brown) on one side of a hallway as they faced the siblings – a clearly hidden in plain sight reveal about what would happen by the end of the season.

Succession's Brian Cox chooses what other character he would play besides Logan Roy-
Graeme Hunter/HBO

The Roy family drama continues as the Emmy Award-winning series returns next month. In a recent trailer, Logan and Tom’s budding working partnership is clear.

“I’m sure we’ll iron it all out. But what would happen…’ Tom drops out in the teaser.

Logan agrees, “If you and Shiv broke up?”

“We’ll always be good, right?” asks Tom.

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“If we’re good,” Logan replies, “we’re good.”

For Cox, it was always “a good idea” to join the cast. “I’m not attracted to certain characters. They’re kind of attracted to me,” he said Us, smiling. “So Logan Roy, he came about because they wanted me to. And I read it and I thought, ‘This is a great show. I mean, this is going to be a unique show.’ … And especially the standard of writing [with creator] Jesse Armstrong. It’s a pretty high standard. It’s joyful.”

Succession next episode debuts on HBO Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET.

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