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Sundance: Michael J. Fox declares “I’m Not Going Anywhere” at ‘Still’ Doc Premiere

At the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Stillthe documentary about his life and career, Michael J. Fox received a huge standing ovation from the packed Eccles Theater as he took the stage with director Davis Guggenheim.

“You stumbled into my life and said, ‘We can make a movie out of this,'” Fox recalled of Guggenheim when he approached him after reading Fox’s memoir and a New York Times story about the actor. “And I said I have nothing to do next week,” Fox joked, met with laughter by the Park City crowd.

Still is full of humor as the film follows Fox’s move from his native Canada to Los Angeles and, after years of struggle, documents his rapid career trajectory from Family ties until teenage wolf until Back to the future. The Doctor delves into his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in his late twenties, his subsequent efforts to keep the news secret for a decade, and his eventual public announcement and now advocacy through the Fox Family Foundation.

“This is fucking crazy. This is a 16-year-old boy who left Canada to become an actor,” Fox said of watching the doc. “A few years later, I was one of the biggest actors in the world, and I was the guy who would be hotted up in high school.”

“What screams at me about how lucky I’ve been is things with my family,” the actor said. “It’s been a great life and most of it is with them.” The doctor watches the Fox family, including wife Tracy Pollan and their four children, go about their daily lives as the actor manages his Parkinson’s. Fox’s family attended the Friday morning premiere. He said, “It’s a great life and I’m enjoying it.”

Critic Daniel Fienberg writes in his review of the film The Hollywood ReporterWhether you’re like me and grew up in a time when Fox was simultaneously the biggest star in movies and television — when those lines were harder to cross — or you’ve followed his life over the past two decades like a public crusader for Parkinson’s research and awareness, it’s hard not to have a personal investment in the Canadian actor and advocate.

“I’m so lucky to have met you, period. You changed my life,” Guggenheim, who worked on the project for three years, said after the screening.

“How can you miss me if I don’t leave?” Fox questioned his continued screen presence, now inclusive Still. “Unfortunately I’m not going anywhere.”

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