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Sydney train crisis: Uber prices rise

Uber accused of inflating prices from desperate Sydney residents as fares rise as trains collapse over ‘communication problems’

  • Trains in Sydney stopped on Wednesday
  • At the same time, Uber’s prices skyrocketed



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Sydney commuters are facing a transport crisis with rising Uber prices as trains grind to a halt in the city.

Sydney’s entire train network came to a complete standstill during the afternoon rush hour on Wednesday.

At around 2.45pm, the computer screens at Central Station, in the city’s CBD, went completely blank instead of showing when the next scheduled trains would arrive.

Sydney Trains shared a warning to customers on Twitter at 3:50pm, saying: ‘Trains are not running due to a train communication issue affecting the entire network.

“Use alternative travel options whenever possible. We expect this to continue into the afternoon rush hour, updates to follow.’

Uber customers around Sydney said their usual journeys skyrocketed in price to coincide with the train closure (pictured, the cost of an Uber from the CBD to Marrickville on Wednesday)

When trains fail, Sydneysiders often opt to take an Uber home, but unexpected price hikes on Wednesday afternoon saw many decide to wait out the train crisis or take a bus.

Customers said Ubers charged up to $90 for rides across the city.

A commuter posted a screenshot of a trip from the city center to Bondi charging $88.21.

Another said her usual $20 Uber trip home would cost an astonishing $216.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Uber for comment.

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