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Ukraine live updates: Putin brags about ‘mass attack’ across Ukraine; Biden condemns ‘utter brutality’ of Russian war

KHARKIV, Ukraine – With the power out over Kharkov, a gloomy shroud hung over the city as night fell. Hardly any houses had the lights on. It was raining outside and the skin-soaked residents said they had no way to warm up.

In the southeast of the city, the stairwells of the tall towers were so dark that flashlights were needed to light the way. The city’s mayor, Ihor Terekhov, said the metro had been suspended so residents could use it as a shelter instead. “I ask you to be as careful as possible today and in the coming days,” he said in a statement to Telegram. “There is a war going on. The Russian aggressor is trying to break our will.”

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