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Uorfi Javed rejects claims from Chitra Wagh and several others filing FIRs against her: “They just want media attention”

Uorfi Javed reveals that no FIR has been filed against her (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Reality show star Uorfi Javed is undeniably one of the most popular social media personalities. She is known for her unconventional and daring fashion choices. Occasionally, she continues to make headlines for her outfits. Javed has even gotten some police complaints for her revealing outfits.

Often Uorfi’s quirky outfits have caused controversy and a number of people believe that she is just spreading obscenities. She was in the news a few weeks ago after politician Chitra Wagh filed a complaint against her. It was not the first time that a complaint had been made against her. Several times in the past, she has faced the wrath of being unapologetic about her outfits. Recently Javed gave it back like a boss and rejected all claims of the complaints filed against her. Scroll down to read the deets.

Uorfi Javed took to her Twitter account and revealed that no FIR has been filed against her till date. She took a look at people who apparently reported her and said that’s all they wanted media attention. She wrote: “So to date no FIR has been filed against me as reported by everyone. NCs only. Because they just want media attention. If they file an FIR, they will have to fight the case which they will lose in court.”

The Bigg boss and Split villa fame model revealed that people only engage her because they want some mileage. In another tweet, referring to the publicity, she wrote: “Anyone who filed an NC against me only did so to gain some clout. After filing Ncs they don’t go home they go to news channels and start talking about me.

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