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Vijay Deverakonda becomes the co-owner of Hyderabad Blackhawks Volleyball Team, Arjun Reddy Star said, “We hope to make Telugu states proud…”

Vijay Deverakonda becomes co-owner of Hyderabad Black Hawks volleyball team (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Vijay Deverakonda is a self-made star who keeps making news for reasons other than movies. The actor has now become a sports preneur and becomes the new co-owner of the Hyderabad BlackHawks volleyball team.

The star, who played a UFC champion in his latest film, has always been passionate about sports, especially volleyball, badminton and cricket.

Taking to his social media to make the announcement, Vijay Deverakonda said, “I bought part of a sports team: Hyderabad BlackHawks. A deadly fierce team! So happy to be a part of this beautiful, spirited, explosive sport: volleyball.

“We hope to make Telugu states proud and win the 2023 season of Prime Volleyball League,” said Vijay Deverakonda. One of the top contenders of Rupay Prime Volleyball 2023, the Hyderabad BlackHawks team consists of some of the best Indian players and seasoned international players as well.

Also in the professional field, there is a lot going on with Vijay Deverakonda, with his upcoming self-titled film ‘VD12′, romantic comedy’Khushi‘ and the military action movie ‘Jana Gana Mana’.

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