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When Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ was accused of taking steroids to pump up the body by Joe Rogan Way after he already admitted to trying

When Dwayne Johnson Was Accused Of Taking Steroids By Joe Rogan Saying “The Rock’s Be Lying” (Photo Credit – Wikimedia; IMDb)

American actor Dwayne Johnson is known for appearing in movies like the Fast & Furious series, The Mummy Returns, Black Adams and many more. Although he is a popular actor, he was also a professional wrestler and had several championships.

Though he has left wrestling and turned to acting career, he has maintained a spotless and well-muscled body. Interestingly, he is now 50 years old, and it seems like an impossible task to maintain such a chiseled figure at that age.

Dwayne Johnson has defied the norms by maintaining his polished form after years of acting and struggling, which has raised questions about his regimen’s sincerity in staying fit at such an age. Joe Rogan, the American UFC color commentator and podcaster, once accused him of using steroids to maintain his physique.

The UFC commentator has a huge following, with over 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel PowerfulJRE and through his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. The problem is that anything controversial that comes out of his mouth becomes a trending topic on social media. Considering what he said about The Rock, his words may have come back to bite him.

In one of the podcasts, the UFC commentator admitted that he was “not at all” surprised by Liver King’s admission following a video from fitness influencer Brian Johnson aka Liver King, who recently admitted to using steroids to achieve his physique. Rogan then quickly turned his attention to Johnson using his former wrestling name. “The Rock should be getting clean now,” Rogan said.

“He should make a video based on the Liver King video. I need to talk to you because The Rock lied. There’s no chance he’s clean. Not a chance. As big as The Rock is, at 50? He’s so massive, and he’s so different from what he was when he was 30,” he said Joe Rogan.

However, it’s worth pointing out that Dwayne Johnson admitted in 2009 that he had “tried” steroids when he was a teenager. Speaking to MTV, he said, “Me and my friends used to try when I was 18 or 19. I didn’t know what we were doing.” Since then, the former wrestler has said he lives a steroid-free life.

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